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    TapTilt -- The magazine, evolved.

    This isn't a print magazine converted to digital text. TapTilt is the first publication written specifically for users of the iPhone and iPod Touch and designed to take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the devices. Published on Sideway's M3 platform, it explores topics and conveys information in ways that other magazines can't.

    This inaugural issue features articles on baseball, gardening, and a fingerpainting app that's been used to make New Yorker covers, all told through the most appropriate medium -- text, video, audio. In addition, the issue includes regular columns on travel, iPhone photography, tips on getting the most out of your device, and more.

    TapTilt is a monthly publication, but new music and game reviews, as well as free wallpapers and ringtones, will be updated weekly.

    You've entered the age of digital multimedia. Wouldn't you like something to read while you're here?


    A new issue of TapTilt will be available at the beginning of each month with wallpapers, music and game reviews updated weekly. The May issue is now available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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