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    Jewelcart PRO is a great puzzle game for iPhone!

    Jewelcart PRO
    Developer: bees4honey
    Price: $0.99
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    Roll your cart through 27 different mines and collect all jewels and treasures hidden in them! You will face two types of mines. First type will contain the only gem in it, but others will have lots of gems. You need to collect all jewels in each mine to complete the goal of Jewelcart PRO! And of course it won't be easy in some mines, but we believe you'll manage it!

    Jewelcart PRO is great and beautiful puzzle which will help you to kill the time and will give some exercise to your brains! If you like puzzle games, then you will love Jewelcart PRO for sure!

    Jewelcart PRO is OpenFeint enabled! Participate in Global Leaderboard and try to be the best, chat with your friends, discover new awesome games via OpenFeint catalog and more!

    Download Jewelcart PRO now and play cool and addictive game by bees4honey!

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    iTunes link

    Promo page
    posts in our blog related to Jewelcart.

    05-06-2010 06:49 AM