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    Please discover my app here: did u?

    The purpose:

    It happens so often that you plan to accomplish several tasks and when the time comes, you forget one or a few of them. Your busy mind cannot remember everything, and often when tedious details come back to you, it is too soon or too late! To do and checklists are useful in addressing these issues. Yet, there is a more efficient and natural way to achieve it. We provide a solution: "did u?" app!

    Visit did u?, discover "did u?" and see the demo!

    Just like a friend, colleague or relative would, "did u?" goes through your checklist in your place and asks you (item by item) if you did what you had to do. No need for you to parse long lists anymore, "did u?" reproduces a natural process in your brain: On your request, it triggers the right questions but at the right time!

    Download "did u?" for iPhone/iPod touch (compatible with iPad) on the Apple App Store!

    Thank you!
    05-04-2010 06:47 AM