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    This is an exciting new hidden object game. Intertwined with a storyline that is just creepy enough, you will have to find all sorts of objects and solve little puzzles. Each scene is beautifully and has many objects to find all over the large area. However, its not just a hidden object game with a fun and exciting storyline. There are also all sorts of puzzles that have to be solved within each hidden object enviornment. To further mix things up, the rooms are arranged very differently. Sometimes you will look for many different objects, sometimes many of the same object, sometimes you will be shown the shape of the object rather than given its name and sometimes you even have to view the room in strange ways. Sometimes objects will even be hidden within other other objects but to get them out you have to solve a puzzle or you will have to first find the object in front of it. There are also puzzles in between levels and find the difference game levels. The game is timed but not counted down. Instead from the very first puzzle the game starts to count upwards. At the end, the amount of time taken will become your score with less time leading to higher scores. The game also gives you hints. If you are ever lost and cant find an object just simply as for a hint. Unlike other games, when you click hint, it actually only gives you a hint by drawing a circle around the area the object is hidden in so that you can still find the actual object by yourself.
    The music fits the game very well and really adds to the gameplay. The storyline really is very good and I especially enjoyed the little bits of humor added in. The scenes can be zoomed into and scrolled around for great ease while actually searching. I also noticed that none of the objects were given ambigious names so that you really know exactly what you're looking for, now you just have to figure out where to find it.
    If you're a hidden objects game fan, then this game is a must have.

    Mystery of Unicorn Castle for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    05-03-2010 10:43 PM