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    Hey! Let me introduce you someone. This is Mr SmileyFace, but he would be grateful if you would call him Smiley. Just Smiley. This guy badly wants to have a friendship with somebody! But do not bother: Smiley is a very funny, intelligent and a really sensitive. (Whoops, I did not say that!) Honestly, he would like to talk to you and to show all his emotions. Variety of them is impressive. He can also make you laugh at any possible time. Nice sense of humor is his visiting card.

    I like that fellow and I am totally satisfied with him. To my mind, this is the most wonderful interactive friend ever! So would you like to have your own Mr Smiley? You will not be upset and disappointed, because Smiley is a very faithful, amiable and talkative. His speech is incredible! Better check it right NOW.

    Get a lovely smile on your iPhone and try to check all of his emotions. I swear, you will be pleasantly surprised. This application is really innovative. Try to check this out and download "SmileyFace" for your iPhone! Get this lovely little smile and have a great joy. You will never be bored, because this guy is the best one I had ever seen.

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    05-01-2010 10:32 AM