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    SneakyTweet is an iPhone, iPod, iPad Twitter Client that possesses some truly unique functionality among Twitter apps.

    Tweet as long as you want. Now you can break the confines of the 140 character limit and tweet as long as you want. SneakyTweet will automatically break it up into 140 character tweets and reorder them before sending so that they can be easily read top-to-bottom in any timeline.

    Tweet from wherever you want, not just wherever you are. SneakyTweet puts you in control of your geotagging information so you can set it to your actual location, off, or anywhere in the world you want to be.

    Tweet to whomever you want. SneakyTweet lets you send encoded tweets only your closest friends can decode with the special keycode you provide them. Now you can tweet as publicly or as privately as you want.

    Visit the SneakTweet website at: http://www.applgasm-apps.com/sneakytweet/ for more information and an online demo.

    Drop me a line and let me know how you like it. info@applgasm-apps.com
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    Hang in there... it's worth the wait!
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    Whoops! Just got notified of a nasty little bug that slipped through. An innocuous uninitialized variable was causing Replies and Retweets to "crash" - ouch!

    So I've temporarily pulled SneakyTweet off of the shelves on the App Store to take care of this before anyone else sees my mistake . The fix was a snap, but now I want to really thoroughly test again before resubmitting it. Look for version 1.1 early next week.
    04-28-2010 03:43 PM
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    SneakyTweet is back with Version 1.1. Check it out on iTunes at: SneakyTweet for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store or on our website at: http://www.applgasm-apps.com/sneakytweet/!
    05-03-2010 08:23 PM