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    Dear TIPb members

    I share with you my first Iphone application, Approaching Lovers, that it was created to make people very happy!!

    Top seduction application in the world, now on your Iphone!!!
    Approaching the girl or boy you like most or surprising your partner with a gift that will melt their heart is now within your reach. Not only that. You will also have a simple and seductive way of getting his/her phone number or email address out of him/her in order to get your next date.

    We give you some advance information:

    You will approach the boy/ girl you like and will ask them what their favorite color is.
    When they tell you, you will take your Iphone out of your pocket, will light a flickering flame on your screen, and will show it to them asking them to make a wish as they blow the flame on the screen out. When they do so, the flame will go out in a subtle fashion and the girl or boy you like will not be able to understand how an exotic and beautiful flower the color they chose will appear before their own eyes.

    The impact is both strong and warm, and with the tips and detailed explanations in the tutorial inside the application, you will achieve a magical and surprising approach.

    As a bonus, and using the magic of Approaching Lovers, you will obtain his/her email address or telephone number in an equally magic fashion, with another of the secrets we will reveal to you in the tutorial.

    As it name indicates, Approaching Lovers is a real application, with which you will achieve an irresistible effect.

    Tutorial: English / Spanish
    04-16-2010 03:13 PM