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    Memories are made with iPad.

    "My Own Diary", the ultimate journal for the iPad, offers all important functionality for everyone, who enjoys keeping a diary. Who hasn't kept one till now will soon discover the enjoyment of doing so. Because the dear companion is holding onto every secret and is of course password protected.

    The journal keeper can add a new page for each day and simply edit it with by double tapping. Images may simply be dragged out of the iPad photo album onto the journal page. Every journal entry can be marked with a special "good day" or "bad day" stamp. "My Own Diary" will continuously be enhanced and we're planning features such as pdf export, free image positioning and search capabilities for the near future. And for those who wish to share their stories and interests, they can in future easily be published to facebook.

    The launch price for "My Own Diary" is 1,99 $, the regular price will be 3,99 $. As for iPhone and iPod Touch the iPad Apps are available in Apple's iTunes Store.

    iTunes link:My Own Diary for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store


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