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    Novels & Stories Now Available in the App Store

    Thought I'd take a second and let you all know that you can find some of my various novels and stories for download in the app store. Hope you check them out!

    NINJA: iTunes Store

    In the style of Robert E. Howard, NINJA tells the story of a mythical warrior hero named Ran as he graduates from the ninja school he has been attending for twenty years and begins undertaking all sorts of missions across an alternate Earth. Ran will travel far and wide gathering intelligence, acquiring priceless artifacts, and battling evil wherever he finds it...

    PARALLAX: iTunes Store

    Two professional assassins-Jolino, a Mafia hitman and Stahl, a former German terrorist-form a psychic bond that enables them to see into the other's world. Stahl & Jolino are on a collision course-each running from a past and trying their best to survive the future. But will either one of them emerge alive from the face-to-face showdown on the streets of Boston?

    VICARIOUS: iTunes Store

    When disgraced ex-FBI agent-turned-Boston-cop Steve Curran finds a corpse with no practical explanation for its death, the nightmares start anew. Convinced the killer is once again haunting him, Curran soon teams up with the sister of the latest victim, and they must confront the very real prospect that the killer is not of this world at all...and is after something far worse than just killing.

    DANGER-CLOSE: iTunes Store

    For Jake Thunder, a paralyzed ex-specops commando, everyday life is a battle. A hard-boiled, hard-drinking womanizer on one hand, Jake also tries to learn from the wisdom of his Native American past. When a knockout blond demands he figure out who killed her sister, a simple "whodunit" becomes a tangled web of deceit, familial backstabbing and black-market baby-dealing with the Russian Mafia & DIA.

    THIS TIME OF NIGHT: iTunes Store

    A collection of 29 short stories from Jon F. Merz, spanning the years 1994-2002. A motley assortment of horror, action, crime, and the bizarre, THIS TIME OF NIGHT features many stories not seen since their original publication in the early years of multimedia web publishing, small press magazines, and even a few that have never been seen before at all.

    PRISONER 392: iTunes Store

    "They called it the slit. And it was the only way Prisoner 392 could see the outside world." One man's journey into a hellish prison where escape is truly impossible...a short story by author Jon F. Merz originally published in Borderlands 5 & reprinted in From the Borderlands, it earned him an Honorable Mention in the 2004 edition of the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror edited by Ellen Datlow.
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