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    I am from the Evenwell digital Inc. We're a new developer team focusing on making games for the iPhone. We've made a couple games on iPhone, now we just released the latest game "Paper Fish",it's a whole new style "fish catching" game we would like to share the game with the community here.

    Feedback and questions are always welcomed!

    Game Information
    App store : iTunes Store
    Release date:02/05/2010
    Title name:Paper Fish
    Platform:iPhone / iPod Touch
    OS:iPhone OS 3.0 later
    Price:0.99 USD

    Game Description:
    No more old school fishing! NOW we do fish attracting!

    Have you ever dreamt about what the fishing would be if the ocean has become paper folding? Now we proudly present you the whole new paper world! You can have a blast by fishing around the sea world, catching various kinds of paper fish, hiring paper boats from the shop and sailing to exotic islands!

    Try the easiest finishing method Magnetic Fishing, the only thing you need to do is changing the magnetic pole, then use your fishing rod to attract the fishes.

    Get on the paper boat with your magnetic fishing rod! Let's attract some BIG fishes!

    Game Features
    1. Three unique ocean worlds with special stages.
    2. Take on the Big Fish challenge in each scene.
    3. Many ingenious paper fishes.
    4. You are able to upgrade your fishing boat, fishing rod, and magnet. Or you can call it Fishing Bait.
    5. Crazy sharks may make you adrenaline pump.

    How to Fish
    1. Tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to make the boat move.
    2. Press the reel, arrow button, to make the magnet up and down.
    3. Press the magnet button to change the magnetic pole.
    4. Use opposite poles to attract the fishes.

    How to purchase the gears
    1. Select Shop in the world map to upgrade the fishing equipment.
    2. Select boat, rod or magnet to process the purchase.

    iTunes Store - Evenwell Digitech Inc.

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    04-07-2010 09:01 PM
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    The object size is too small, not clear.
    04-15-2010 06:58 AM
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    Paper Fish is featured in the "What we're playing" section now!
    The Demo Video at
    04-22-2010 01:17 AM