1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar

    Hot on the heels of Dieter's epic review of Crosswords for iPad [$9.99 - iTunes link], the fine folks at Standalone, Inc have offered up some Promo Codes for TiPb readers.

    We'll give away a couple tonight on TiPb Live, but if you can't attend don't fret, just hit reply below and tell us *your* favorite crossword puzzles are!

    Give away starts now and ends Sunday, April 11 at 12pm PT. US App Store account needed to redeem promo codes. Promo codes expire so if you win, redeem asap!
    04-07-2010 02:51 PM
  2. Farmdreads's Avatar
    I enjoy the one in my local paper, The Oregonian. I can rarely complete it but when I get a tough answer I feel smarter. Well, a little smarted maybe.
    04-07-2010 03:10 PM
  3. Shangraham's Avatar
    I love all crosswords. I used to love to do the one in The Michigan Daily when I went to school there. Great way to pass the time.
    04-07-2010 03:15 PM
  4. bacque's Avatar
    Down in NOLA
    04-07-2010 03:17 PM
  5. Dyvim's Avatar
    NY Times of course!
    04-07-2010 03:22 PM
  6. cyberbobcity's Avatar
    Not to sound like a brown noser but I tried Stand Alone's Crosswords app on a friends iPhone and it's really nice. Getting an ipad soon and can't wait to try it out!
    04-07-2010 03:22 PM
  7. Ronm3xico's Avatar
    Gotta agree with the consensus, ny times is just heads above anyone else.
    04-07-2010 03:34 PM
  8. kbalch's Avatar
    There's no substitute for the NYT, though I very much miss Eugene Maleska. His puzzles are still my favorites.

    Can't wait to get my iPad later this month. I'd LOVE a copy of this app!!

    04-07-2010 03:37 PM
  9. wateron's Avatar
    Like the crossword in the SF Chronicle
    04-07-2010 03:40 PM
  10. anon(536616)'s Avatar
    Gotta love NYT on USA Today as best crossword.

    Although the available app may be the best. Don't know because I don't have the app (yet).

    Rob Terry
    04-07-2010 03:44 PM
  11. TheSporkWithin's Avatar
    I've actually been playing through the lite version of Crosswords and really enjoying it. The hint options that they include help me get through the various pop-culture references which I often don't get, and allow me to focus on the more interesting wordplay. My favorite specific puzzle so far has been "All Together Now" by Ben Tausig, but I haven't finished very many others yet.

    Needless to say, getting a free copy of the full version would be great. It's on my wish list, but it's a tad expensive and I can't really justify the purchase at the moment.
    04-07-2010 03:45 PM
  12. JonathanWilbur's Avatar
    People magazine...they seem to be the easiest. Quite rewarding after a tough day at the office
    04-07-2010 03:47 PM
  13. keitadonna's Avatar
    No crossword puzzle beats the New York Times!
    04-07-2010 03:51 PM
  14. Jaredhumphrey's Avatar
    I'd have to agree with most of the responses and say ny times, however if I just want one to pass the time then definately people
    04-07-2010 03:52 PM
  15. gbkgbk#IM's Avatar
    Keep it a secret, but my mom and I like to do the People Magazine puzzles.
    04-07-2010 03:53 PM
  16. jasonact's Avatar
    My favorite crossword is whichever one I have in front of me. Having it on my new iPad (when the 3G model comes out) would definitely fit that criteria!
    04-07-2010 03:56 PM
  17. pstmstr's Avatar
    Haven't done any crosswords in a long time but would love to start on my ipad
    04-07-2010 04:07 PM
  18. mdkrebs11#IM's Avatar
    NYT is the best.
    04-07-2010 04:10 PM
  19. sidlon's Avatar
    It's been a while, but I used to like the ones in Games magazine.
    04-07-2010 04:14 PM
  20. hsiegelman's Avatar
    My favorite is the Monday New York Times crossword. It is generally the only one I can complete. Each day of the week their puzzle gets increasingly more difficult. Someday, I will succeed in completing the difficult one - a Sunday NY Times puzzle. At age 67, I better start working more quickly if I have any hope of achieving that goal.
    04-07-2010 04:19 PM
  21. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    I think the only redeeming quality of newspapers today is the crosswords puzzle. The local paper, the USA Today,and the ever difficult NY Times crosswords are great.
    04-07-2010 04:33 PM
  22. BriDroid's Avatar
    I'm a NY Times crossword fan. I enjoy the mental gymnastics
    04-07-2010 04:43 PM
  23. Moles#IM's Avatar
    I used to really enjoy the TV guide ones, but anymore I just buy books since I have issues with the paper being delivered into the grass so it gets wet. This app looks great and is in my iTunes wishlist
    04-07-2010 04:50 PM
  24. Mikeluv43's Avatar
    NYT Puzzles FTW. :-)
    04-07-2010 05:22 PM
  25. ich_bin_ein_iPhoner's Avatar
    Bacon, OJ and the Toronto Star Saturday crossword is the perfect way to begin a weekend.
    04-07-2010 05:22 PM
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