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    Celsius Game Studios is proud to announce that the first major update to our 3D puzzle game, Chromodyne, for the iPhone/iPod Touch has gone live just a short time ago.

    App Store Link: Chromodyne for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Here's a list of changes you can expect:

    * New special effects and graphics
    * New Score Chains: keep making combinations to boost your score!
    * 4 new awesome music tracks from the excellent Kevin MacLeod
    * Improved game timing means less downtime after making a combination and faster gameplay!
    * Improved ring selection indicator
    * Improved load time and added spinner to indicate loading
    * 3D lighting has been improved
    * Cutscenes are now skippable
    * Fixed some graphical glitches

    The Chromodyne Trailer, updated with the latest graphics:

    Screenshots for 1.1 (Click for full size):

    04-02-2010 06:58 PM