1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    These are iPad apps that I can currently only find in the US iPad App Store.

    In some cases, like streaming TV apps, it no doubt has to do with licensing rights. In other cases, like utility apps, it means the developer just hasn't seen fit to make them international yet (glaring at you, Apple!)

    - Yahoo!
    - ABC
    - Netflix
    - iBooks
    - iWork Pages (!)
    - iWork Keynote (!)
    - iWork Numbers (!)

    Please add to the list if you find more!
    04-02-2010 06:53 AM
  2. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    Why is iWork US only right now? Can you not buy iWork in Canada? And why are there US-only apps to begin with? Are there US-only computers? I have never understood this nonsense. There aren't US-only cars are there?
    04-02-2010 08:11 AM
  3. MacMom's Avatar
    My question is, since you can change what store you are in by clicking on the flag at the bottom of the app store, why can't you buy from another country or do they actually check your country of origin?
    04-03-2010 09:14 AM
  4. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    Why is the hardware manufactured in one country, designed in another country, for sale in many countries, but some software is only for sale on one country? Huh?
    04-04-2010 08:26 AM