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    Postal Mayhem for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    The game provides different playability to the gamers. Currently in Appstore, there are quite a number of games using the concept of flight control, dragging of objects to the required destination.
    Postal Mayhem provides a different gameplay altogether. The purpose of the game is to deliver the letters to the required destination, but you need to control the flow of the letters by tapping on the intersections. The game will be more challenging as the levels progress, and there are also special items that will be introduced as you play along. All this adds spice to the game.

    Highlights of Postal Mayhem:

    • Special Items
    o Special items will be unlocked as you progress through the levels.
    o Skilful use of Special Items will be necessary to complete higher levels.
    • Multiple Levels
    o 20 Challenging Levels with increasing level of challenges and variations in game play.
    o 3 Unlimited Levels that will separate the novices and hard-cores.
    • Online Scores
    o Scores can be submitted online for boasting rights or challenges.
    • Interesting Graphics and Thoughtful Animation
    o Graphics and animations are carefully rendered and thought of to give gamers with maximum feedback to hone their skills.
    03-28-2010 10:58 PM