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    SnJ games released 'motobreath', a street motoycle racing game.
    Using acceleration sensor, you can go around the street with the superbikes.
    The best thing about this game is the excellent sense of speed and realism, which means it has very good sense of speed like arcade racing games, but the handling is as heavy and realistic as the simulation racing games.
    There are 8 background themes and 70 tracks and every single track is unique and totally different from others which makes user excited.
    Detailed motocycle design, low and active camera works and the rider's realistic motions are also the strength of motobreath.
    In addition, tt works very fast even on iPod touch 1st generation.

    --- Motobreath Lite version appstore link ---

    ---- Video clip on YouTube ----

    Logo of SnJ games and the game, 'Mothbreath'

    League game, the heart of the 'Motobreath', is consist of 5 leagues and 70 unique tracks.
    You need to be on the 3rd place at least to clear the round.
    On quick play menu, you can enjoy instant games.
    For more information, check on 'Instructions' menu.

    Before you get started, you can choose which save slot to use.
    It has a high level of difficulty, so we recommend 'Easy' mode for new players.

    League game has 5 leagues and 70 unique tracks.
    There are both circuit type of courses and one way courses, like uphill and downhill courses.

    As you clear the leagues, you can choose 4 to 10 types of bikes.
    For better customization, tune your bike for Acceleration, Steering and Top speed.
    Break assit feature has been added since 1.5 version so that beginners can control bikes easily.

    Player is waiting for the green signal and the red spot on the left shows that player is on the start line.

    Control the speed using 'Accel' and 'Break' button on the right-bottom corner, and tilt iPhone left or right to steer the bike.
    'Nitro' button will be enabled if you drive your bike smoothly without crashes.
    While using nitro, break assist do not work and steering gets very hard, so use it after comprehend the course enough.

    On the corners, heavy handling and rider's realistic motions will give you a good sense of realism.
    Graphically, motobreath do not have much special effects, but it has delicacy of expressions
    ,for example the tires are rolling and shaking up and down as the bike moves.

    You have to be at least on the 3rd place to move on to the next stage.

    After player clears 5 leagues, one can automatically generate and play unlimited numbers of unique tracks.
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