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    Hello eveyone, I recently discovered this site and it seems like a nice little community.

    The purpose of this post is about the fantell march madness contest.
    If you don't know what it is, there is a free app called fantell, where you predict the outcome of march madness games. The best prediction per game gets a $10 iTunes gift card, and the best prediction of the championship game gets a $50 gift card.

    You guess the score of individual games, so past outcomes don't have an impact, so it is not to late to join. Not only am I encouraging people to get this for the chance at gift cards, but actually one little rule.

    You have to create a group and get 3 people to join to be eligible. But you are not limited to 1 group. I thought I would make this post for people to post there group info, and we can all join each others, just to even be eligible to win anything.

    The grand prize is an ipad, for having the best overall scrore, so basically you have to do it from the beginning, but the cards you can start winning now. I am currently in 4th place, and actually have a real shot at winning, it is a close race. So even if you have no interest it only takes a few minutes to get the app and join a group. I would really appreciate some support as I try to win the ipad. Just need 4 people total in the group to be eligible. Thanks in advance if anyone joins, and I will join others groups if they post there info here.

    Group name: Hudias
    no password

    Thanks again.
    03-26-2010 06:29 PM