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    Red Laser is a super simple application. The apps allows you to scan barcodes with the iPhones camera and it gives you prices & details about the product associated with the barcode.

    -Easy to use
    -Quickly scan barcodes
    -Ridiculously accurate
    -Find local results for a product
    -Detailed search results

    -Mobile websites do not format correctly
    -Doesn't read small barcodes
    -List by price only (no alphabetical option)



    I have found this nifty application very handy when it comes to buying gifts or just comparing products.

    The application, when it starts up will display all your previously scanned entries.

    If you tap on the lightning bolt icon at the bottom, it will start of your camera and will have a noticeable set of brackets in the center to align the barcode. The brackets turn green (like in the first photo) when it recognizes a barcode & then will make a ping sound and automatically load information/prices about the product from Google & The Find as well as any local results it might find in your area.

    If you are in a hurry and you want to scan multiple barcodes and then just see the results later, there is a way of doing it. When you load up the scanner, there is a small switch in the bottom-right-hand corner. Switching it to multiple will allow multiple barcode scans without returning to the results page after each single scan. Tap on done button to view all the scans your just made & tap each barcode load the results.

    Looking back at the home view you scan history, you have the ability to star certain results, delete results, mass delete & even email the list along with a .txt file of just the bar code numbers. This export feature is great if you have another software program that can use this file.

    Just in case you cannot scan the barcode, then there is always entering the barcode number directly.Ive found that the scanner doesnt do very well on very small barcodes, so entering manually is the way to go.


    I find this application very easy to use and quite nice to have along for the holiday shopping season. The only thing I really would like to see loading of reviews in mobile form, from Amazon for instance. I believe they actually had this at one point, but it no longer works. If you scroll through the results, you might find in the results & view the web page, but it wont be iPhone formatted :-( The price listing are quite nice especially when comparing products. Of you are a bargain hunter, this is definitely an app for you.
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    I have used this app and saved enough to pay for it numerous times. The information returned on local availability is lacking. Overall a good app.
    03-26-2010 05:41 PM