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    This is Sam, from Namazu Studios! We've just released iDuel Online for the iPhone!

    iDuel Online is a free massively multiplayer dueling RPG for the iPhone and iPod Touch featuring live PVP (player vs player) combat. Create a unique character! Fight your way up the leaderboards and deck out your character in totally sweet gear!

    Here's our trailer:

    Download the app from the App Store free!

    Check out more info on our website:
    iDuel Online Namazu Studios

    Our game is different from other multiplayer iPhone RPGs in that it is truly multiplayer. In iDuel Online, players directly battle other players. Other games feature automated, passive combat or computer-controlled opponents. In iDuel Online, any gear you equip will also directly change the way your character appears, and hundreds of items provide tons of combinations for customization.

    03-26-2010 02:44 PM