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    Like many tipb faithful, I was in the live chat podcast on Wednesday listening about my favourite topic, the iPhone. Im glad I made it because I was fortunate enough to be gifted Street Fighter IV by none other than our favourite host Rene. He was trying out the new gifting feature that iTunes had implemented. Luckily for me iTunes doesnt allow gifting cross border, but sorry to @llofte ;-)

    When I first heard that SFIV was coming to the iPhone, I wasnt exactly champing at the bit to play a fighting game on a touch screen. Nevertheless, its still exciting to see this franchise hit the Jesus phone.

    There was one thing that struck me right off after initially starting a match. In previous SFs I always notice the environments were full of animated characters cheering for you or riding a bicycle in the background. In the iPhone version the backgrounds are static. This isnt a huge omission just something that I personally noticed. The art in the game is great; the characters are redone and have a fresh new look. I am so impressed with how good this game looks on the iPhone, especially when compared to a dedicated gaming device like the DS whose graphics are sorely lacking. But the graphics are only a portion of what is important in this genre.

    What is important in a game like this is the control system. Can one really enjoy SF on a touch screen device? Well, I believe that the developer has done an incredible job and the experience is rather satisfying. Combos are executed with surprising accuracy; however I will need some more time to learn to chain my combos together.

    The one feature that Im glad to see that the developer included was the Bluetooth connectivity for versus play. Its not as good as internet play with voice chat, but it will help longevity and some competition, if you can find someone else with this game.

    Overall, this is an excellent fighting game for the iPhone. Its currently priced at $9.99, but if thats too rich for your blood, Im sure it will be on sale at some point.
    03-26-2010 12:40 PM