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    Hey! I'm excited to announce, that Mad Tanks is now available on iTunes. With this great news, we also made a first interactive video game trailer in a gaming history! Make sure you have annotations turned on. The link to ! Go check it out and have fun! And after you've had your fun, don't forget to share with your friends! They want to have a blast too!

    We also are running two separate contests on Facebook and Twitter and are giving out free promo codes! Rules are simple:

    * Become our fan on Facebook, post a comment under interactive trailer announcement, and share it with your friends. And you're in!

    * Follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet about Mad Tanks. And you're in!

    These contests will run for 48 hours, and after that, we will choose 3 lucky winners from each. So 6 of you will get free copies of Mad Tanks! And this is just a start we will have more contests and more free copies soon! Stay tuned. And if you cant wait, just get the game on iTunes, its only 1.99$ after all for a great deal of fun!

    ---- Game info ----

    iTunes link: iTunes Joystick Ninjas
    YouTube trailer:
    Interactive YouTube trailer:
    Game page: Mad Tanks Joystick Ninjas

    Screenshots (more on the web site):


    Mad Tanks is all about big and loud tank combat! Arm your tank and wreak havoc on a huge destructible landscape that is different every time you play!

    Blow up your enemies in a furious Deathmatch for complete satisfaction. Out think your opponents in a game of Tactics where you'll be rewarded for your accuracy and skill. Save up your rewards to buy more devastating weapons!


    Two different modes let you test your skills in different ways. Rage destruction upon your foes in Deatchmach mode, with a goal to survive and destroy everything in your path. Or choose Tactics mode, if you want to test your accuracy skills!

    10 WEAPONS

    You can build up an arsenal of 10 uniquely different weapons, starting from simple mortar shells to exotic lasers, flamethrowers and all devastating nuclear bombs! Feel the power in your hands!


    Random terrain ensures that each time you play, you'll get unique and thrilling new situations to survive in! And being destructible means that the situation will change with each shot!


    Lonely? No problem! Play against AI. Got friends by your side? Great! Have a battle together! Mad Tanks fits all situations!


    In-built customization allows you to adapt battles to your needs. Choose round count, pick the players, set AI difficulty and much much more!


    In-built translation features English, German, French and Lithuanian languages.

    Go get it now, let the nukes fly and take no prisoners!

    iTunes link: iTunes Joystick Ninjas
    03-26-2010 09:53 AM
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    Hey again! Congratulations goes to @iphonelite @uberguineapig @Squeaker_ @big_winner, who were kind to retweet about Mad Tanks, they win free promo codes!

    We also continue giving out more promo codes. The rules are simple: just become our fan on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter! The contest will run for 48 hours and we will randomly choose 5 winners!

    Also you can buy Mad Tanks on iTunes, its only 1.99$ for a great deal of fun!
    03-28-2010 12:37 PM
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    Hey! We conclude one more promo giveaway for Mad Tanks! This time the winners are: Kacia Howsham, Aaron Hughes, @MediumFidelity, @briukva and @kwigbo. Congratulations and cheers to them.

    And we're probably having the last promo giveaway for now, so here's the last chance to get a free copy of Mad Tanks! The rules are simple: just become our fan on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter! The contest will run for 48 hours and we will randomly choose 5 winners!

    If you want to have fun now, you can just buy Mad Tanks on iTunes, its only 1.99$!
    03-31-2010 04:50 PM