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    Riverleap is like Canabalt but in full movement 3D and set in a Mutant South.

    game website: www.videogameo.com
    video: www.youtube.com/videogameo

    Fast-action, graphically lush platformer that's easy to learn but hard to master. Near-instant load times = quick, exciting game sessions.

    STORY: You burst from an irradiated fish egg into treacherous river world. Struggle to grow up as hilly boys, tiger bear, gar, gull harpies and other nasty predators grind ya to grannymeal!

    GAMEPLAY: Smashum dump barrels to go rampagin as toxic fish beast. Jump on old tires to bounce above the canopy. Swim in old sixer rings to slow down. Tweet deathnotes from inside the game.


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