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    A non-stop, action packed puzzle game that is impossible to put down! Tri-tone delivers endless hours of gem matching mayhem and even lets you compete for the top spot on OpenFeint's online leaderboard.

    The game plays like Columns but with the ability to compare scores with friends and earn achievements.

    Master the art of clearing blocks by chaining combos together and getting huge scores!

    Controls have been fine tuned to respond quickly even when you get into a jam.

    Tri-tone includes:
    ** Three difficulty modes that push your puzzle skills to the limit.
    ** OpenFeint support for online high scores and achievements.
    ** Endless gems to clear at an increasing pace.
    ** Listen to your own music library.
    ** Gameplay that anyone can enjoy!

    View the on YouTube.

    Get Tri-tone on iTunes!
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    Working on new features for Tri-tone. Look for an update soon!

    Tri-tone for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    03-31-2010 06:57 PM