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    Simple to play ... challenging to master!

    *** Hoops Madness made it into the top 100 Sports Game category list in the US App Store on its release day and is still there! ***

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    It's March Madness Time!!

    When it's not game time, get your game face on for an arcade basketball shooting game with a twist. It's crunch time and the rock is in your hands! Can you hit the dagger for the buzzer beat? Or will you choke and throw a brick?

    The pressure's on!!! Step up to the challenge by going to where the basketball court and the arcade go one on one!

    How many baskets can you make against a sideways moving backboard!? Test your skills and see how high you can score!

    It sounds simple, but do you have what it takes to aim the ball to make on a sideways moving basket when the pressures on?


    ***Time Mode: You're got 45 seconds to get as many points as possible!
    ***Endurance Mode: See how long you can play and how many points you can rack up!
    ***Special Balls: Can you figure out how to use the Power, Money, and Atom balls to get even higher scores?
    ***Global High Scores: Show the world how you DOMINATE DA BOARDS by posting your scores on our Global Score Tables!
    ***Challenge A Friend: Want to show your buddy that you're got game? Send them a Challenge!
    ***Facebook Connect: See just how much you own the court compared to your friends! Post streams when you rule!
    ***OpenFeint Support: Want to see how you're doing versus the OpenFeint community? You can do that too!

    During March Madness, root for the underdog and score yourself a copy of Hoops Madness! 2n Productions is a small indie developer dedicated to making polished and fun games for the iPhone and iPod touch.

    If you enjoy the game, help support us by leaving a good review and telling your friends! Your support will allow us to improve Hoops Madness as well as create new games for you to play!

    iTunes link: Hoops Madness for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    03-23-2010 01:37 PM