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    Hey folks, we just released a new game for iPhone and iPod Touch!

    In Paper Boat Race youll be able to blow into the microphone to make your boat faster and win!

    Just blow at the boat (with the microphone) and the boat will sail! Alternatively, you can sail by pressing a button on the screen. In this mode, if you blow into the mic, your boat will get a great speed boost! This is great to pass your opponents!

    To guide your paper boat along the course in the swimming pool, youll use the accelerometer. Be precise, pass between the flags and avoid hitting the obstacles!

    In Paper Boat Race youll be able to compete in 4 championships with 5 races each. The difficulty level will gradually increase in each circuit!

    Paper Boat Race can be purchased through the iTunes App. Store for US$2.99.

    Best wishes,

    MusiGames Studio
    03-23-2010 07:57 AM