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    Do you want to keep an eye on what does matter for you, here is your app: EyeSeeU

    EyeSeeU will allow you to view either private or public video camera, almost all MJPEG / JPEG camera are supported. EyeSeeU connects directly your video camera, you don't need any running computer. With a little bit of network configuration you will be able to view in 3G your house or shop...

    Snapshot on demand from what you see, stored locally in your IPhone
    Zooming with pinch gesture are supported.
    Unlimited streaming, both in Wifi and 3G.
    Fullscreen display

    And an extra option will give you all the control of the cam, PTZ, but also IR on/off, Presets...etc As soon as you know the url of the function, you will be able to control it.

    EyeSeeU is completely generic, and let you do a tones of things: for exemple, if your video camera has some electrical relays, you will be able to switch them on/off from your iphone.

    Some application screenshots:

    Forum, you will find there parameters (sorry it is 90% in French): EyeSeeU - Video Surveillance

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