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    On the occasion of World Poetry Day by UNESCO as issued each year from 1999, on Sunday March 21 Dathlon is pleased to offer his contribution to the diffusion of poetry by by dropping the price of all the annoteBooks at the minimum App Store price of $0.99 cents.

    An unmissable opportunity to download and keep handy on your iPhone / Touch the immortal works of some of the greatest masters of English and Italian poetry in the exclusive annoteBook version which allows you to create side margin notes linked to the poems verses in a simple and intuitive way.

    This special offer will include the "Dante's Divine Comedy" in the classical English translation by H. W. Longfellow, complete with his commentary and 130+ fine illustrations by Gustave Dor.

    The complete annoteBook series features:
    In English:
    Dante: Divine Comedy
    Lewis Carroll: 101 Poems
    Shakespeare: Sonnets
    Milton: Paradise Lost - Regaind

    In Italian:
    Dante: Divina Commedia
    Omero: Odissea
    Omero: Iliade
    Virgilio: Eneide
    Ariosto: Orlando Furioso
    Tasso: Gerusalemme Liberata
    Leopardi: Canti
    Foscolo: Tutte le poesie
    Tassoni: La Secchia Rapita
    DAnnunzio: Laudi
    Carducci: Opere

    Further informations at www.dathlon.com
    03-19-2010 05:24 PM