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    Creamy Ice, ThumbFire Hannover (Germany)

    Two Scoops with Whipped Cream, Please!

    The latest at the App store: ice-cream seller wanted for the iPhone and iPod Touch / simple one-finger game to tide you over

    In Spring, attracted by the first warming sun beams, many ice-cream fans flock to shops for the chilly delicacy. And in ice-cream kiosks, many sellers break into a sweat when long lines form for the beloved scoops in cones and cups. There's no time for panic behind the counter - with "Creamy Ice", anyone can slip into the role of ice-cream seller. ThumbFire, a new games label out of Hannover, is debuting its fast-paced dexterity app for the iPhone and iPod Touch just in time for the start of the ice-cream season.

    "Creamy Ice is a game that is fun not only for adults," explained Rainer Michael and Thorsten Diessner, the directors of ThumbFire.
    From a broad selection of more than 115,000 apps, the user can download the right application for any situation from Apple's App Store.

    "Creamy Ice" is one of the few apps that is also of interest to children. The reasons for this, according to the developers, are the carefully drawn characters and simple gameplay.

    Dexterity and concentration required

    The idea behind the game is easy: as an ice-cream seller, the user tries to portion out the customer orders in ice-cream cones or cups as quickly as possible. The goal is to achieve a high daily sales rate through the combination of ice-cream flavors, cups, and cones.

    "Creamy Ice" initially begins in career mode. In the course of the game, you can also unlock endurance and timed modes. Up to 12 flavors, cups, and cones can be combined. The player goes out with his ice-cream cart. As income increases, the ice-cream seller obtains various ice-cream shops, up to the noble ice-cream palace. In the course of one's career, the number of flavors on offer increases as well. If the user begins with one type cone, two ice-cream flavors, and whipped cream, as the degree of difficulty increases the combinations become more comprehensive.

    The auxiliary modes also provide all kinds of gaming fun. While the object of timed mode is to sell as much ice cream as quickly as possible free of any career in endurance mode the user can show his retention skills. In endurance mode, customers order numerous, various flavors.

    Simple one-finger operation

    With its touchscreen, the iPhone / iPod Touch platform enables easy one-finger operation. Gamers intuitively touch the cone and the selected flavor. If he puts together the wrong ice-cream serving, the player loses time and the ice cream goes into the garbage.

    The gameplay is fluid and fast-paced. The graphics are extremely sharp thanks to high resolution. A game for simple enjoyment that is addictive - "Creamy Ice" has everything a dexterity game for all ages needs.

    International start

    'Creamy Ice" is available in two languages. In the German version, customers pay with Euros, in the English language version US dollars are handed across the counter. Players can share information on their progress with others via a Twitter function.

    About ThumbFire:
    ThumbFire was founded in Hannover in mid-2009 by Rainer Michael and Thorsten Diessner. Experienced developers in online Flash, both specialized in memory and dexterity games. Six additional games for mobile platforms are planned for 2010. Additional information is available under ThumbFire.
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