1. musigames's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    iMusic Puzzle is a music game where your need to use your skills to solve puzzles created with your favorite iTunes library songs!

    The game currently offers three puzzles:

    - Shuffle. A portion of a song is played and then it explodes into multiple audio samples. Youll have to arrange them in the correct order, making the music flow!

    - Memory. A deck of audio segments is displayed, you need to listen and find the pairs with the same part of the song!

    - Drop. Samples of different songs are falling; you need to quickly drop them in their corresponding song slot!

    iMusic Puzzle was released last friday and became the 7th bestselling music game on US App Store in the same weekend. It can be purchased through iTunes App Store for US$2.99 only!

    Best wishes,

    MusiGames Studio
    03-17-2010 01:28 PM
  2. timchen's Avatar
    it looks cool!
    i would like to download it for trial, any Lite version there?
    03-19-2010 12:03 PM