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    Application name: India Radio

    120 Indian Radio stations and we will be keep on adding new ones daily.
    Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bangla, English, Urdu, Sikh, Punjabi, devotional etc...

    Have you ever seen rewinding Radio, going back and listening music/news again and again. All these can be done with India Radio (Same engine of Time-Shift Radio).

    India Radio is your fun and personalized India radio. You can pause, listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station.
    We give access to our entire India radio station library (which we keep on updating daily with new and better stations). If a radio station is not available in our library, you can add manually and listen to it, and also can be shared to public.

    1. Lots of Indian Radio stations
    2. Rewind to listen Radio again.
    3. Pause/Continue Radio
    4. Listen live Radio
    5. Customize Seekback duration setting
    6. Add and share custom radio stations
    7. Manage your personalized favorite radio station list.
    8. Supports .pls, .m3u, .asx(MP3 and AAC+), .xspf, raw MP3 and AAC+ urls
    9. Can stream more than 96 kbps in Carrier network by customizing settings

    Please do not get disappointed, if you don't see your favorite station. You can share your favorite station from the application.

    Enjoy time shifting.
    03-17-2010 06:29 AM