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    I'm Antonio Ferraioli from onmadesoft.com
    I just released a new version of a simple iPhone game,

    this is my first post here, I hope it is done correctly following your rules,
    sorry for my english mistakes it is not my first language

    A brief descritption
    Forget all the other memory match games out there, Facetwin use your pictures or pictures of people you know.

    Facetwin is a memory match game that pulls its pictures from your friend's Facebook pics. The photos are always changing and usually quite interesting because of this.

    The first round of Facetwin is easy. Just three pictures to match up. Every time you finish a level successfully, more images are added to the mix. If you dont like the images you are given just give your iPhone or iPod Touch a shake to get a whole new set. The variety of pictures are limited in the free version, but the full version offers an infinite amount of photographs.

    The tiles in Facetwin are spread around at random instead of being lined up neatly. You tap a tile to flip it over as you try to find matches. The game is easy to use and fast paced. But you need to be able to keep up with the images because Facetwin has no problem moving your score down into the negatives. But if you get an impressive score you have the option of saving it to your iPhone or iPod Touch, or taking it online and sharing with the world.

    This app is a fun little game, but the tiles are small which means many of the pictures used are difficult to see. Someones expansive shot of the ocean is minimized to just a collage of color. It is also easily confused with a fishing shot. The pictures of peoples faces close up, or anything close up really, are the easiest to enjoy and match. Faces also tend to be the funniest tiles to get in your mix.

    Facetwin will please memory match fans and nosey people alike.

    New in latest version:
    - tiles images are loaded from your Facebook friends pictures
    - your best scores are published on your Facebook wall
    - faster image download from Facebook
    - fixed a few minor bugs

    Some more informations:
    - Available versions:

    price :0.99$ on AppStore
    app store url:

    Facetwin Lite
    price :free on AppStore, can be upgrated to full version Facetwin directly form the application (in AppStore) for 0.99$)
    limitations in lite version : the user can subtitute the tile images just twice, the user can play maximim 3 game levels
    app store url

    Facetwin home page:
    here you can find:
    . a video presentation
    . some sample images
    . a game description
    . the online hall of fame

    support: info (at) onmadesoft (dot) com
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