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    3D StarFootprints is a photorealistic 3D digital recreation of the world famous hand and footprint court of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Walk on highly detailed footprints of famous movie stars. Get information on each star. See where each footprint is located in 3D and 2D space.
    This is one of the most detailed digital representations of the footprints available.

    Immerse yourself in this virtual world if:
    - You have never had the chance to be there
    - You are planning to visit
    - You are there now and need information on footprints.

    The app has 3 different modes:
    - 3D: easy to navigate
    - 2D: high resolution top view with headshots to easily identify each star
    - Search/Browse: find stars and see their info cards with high resolution footprints.

    For video trailer and screenshots please visit: starfootprints.com

    Available on App store:
    03-15-2010 01:18 PM