1. lonebear's Avatar
    This is a fun pet sim with so many feature all on your idevice. The graphics are fantastic and makes seem almost real. You get to choose your dog from five breeds and then choose their fur color. There are several locations to explore whether you are hanging out at home, the beach, the park, your garden or going for a walk. There are 2 different stores and a place where competition are held as well. You must take care of your dog's basic necessaities such as feeding, cleaning, napping and walking. Your dog can also learn all sorts of tricks and skills. Sometimes you can choose to make your dog learn a new trick and sometimes your dog will start to learn it on its own. After your dog has learned enough tricks you can take him to competitions and to show off your new skills and win monetary prizes. Money can help you buy more food and care products for your dog or it can help you customize your house and buy some fun dog toys. The game comes with a great tutorial but leaves enough for you to figure out on your own at will. Bottom line: Really fun and very relaxing to play with.
    03-15-2010 12:06 PM