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    I'm a former neuropsychologist and my game "blockhead!" is based on a popular test of brain function - plus, it's just a lot of fun. Below, I've provided a link, and brief description.




    Blockhead is a fast-paced puzzle game designed to challenge your brain and improve your spatial abilities.

    Playing a round of Blockhead is quick. Your job is to match a scrambled design with a given set of tiles. To make things a little more tricky, some of the tiles may be rotated.

    Blockhead is fully customizable, allowing you to set the level of difficulty. It also allows you to pick one of several tile sets and backgrounds to suit your current mood. Experiment to see if your performance improves using different combinations.

    Blockhead is integrated with OpenFeint, allowing you to track your scores on any one of its twenty-five different leaderboards.
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