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    New hilariously funny and most entertaining with superb graphics and game physics fast paced ball game.

    Belly Bums is a game based on a brand new sport of Belly Ball. The game takes place at beautifully designed beach settings with a court that resembles Beach Volleyball; however, the net is slightly lowered but not quite as low as tennis net. We have provided three beach settings for your enjoyment and variety. The very relaxing beach setting is supported by some handpicked Island tunes. The game features 7 cartoony players, all very unique in their physique. Each players skills are different, some are fast, some are strong and yet some possess both qualities. Three levels of difficulty should challenge even most advanced gamers. OpenFeint will track your tournament and individual wins. Your scores will also be subdivided into levels of difficulties.

    For the comfort of your play we have automated the players to run after the ball; however, that is all we have automated. You the player will control when to hit and in which direction. The strength and trajectory of the ball will depend on how the ball was returned to you and whether the ball was caught on the way up or on the way down of your jump.


    - Slide-Control using multi-touch
    - OpenFeint Score Keeping
    - Compare your score based on Tournament or Single Matchups
    - 6 Tier Tournament with increasing opponent skill
    - Option to play head to head against any player
    - New players are revealed as you defeat them in a tournament
    - Three Beautiful Beach courts
    - Three Difficulty Levels
    - 3D Sharp graphics
    - Realistic Physics
    - Fast Pace

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    03-12-2010 06:12 AM
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    03-15-2010 09:10 PM