1. joyboy's Avatar
    I've started using the Navigon iphone app, but am having problems with the volume. For some reason the volume control within the app seems to be controlling both the volume of Navigon and any ipod music you're playing. Problem is, if I set it to a reasonable volume for music, it screams turn by turn directions at me. If I turn it way down (or off) I can't actually hear my music. It also seems like the ipod controls kindof suck - don't see many people complaining about it though, am I just picky or am I missing something?
    03-10-2010 09:02 PM
  2. jeffskent's Avatar
    I too have Navigon and I had a bit of trouble adjusting the voice directions along with the music volume. I find that if I set the Navigon volume setting at a comfortable level first, then bring up iPod music and adjust the music sound level on the music volume slider, then all is well. I have not found that the volume control within the app controls the music volume if done in the above sequence. Feel free to comment again if this doesn't work for you.
    03-11-2010 02:15 AM