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    6DOH from Thumb Arcade
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    The site: The Six Degrees of Hollywood | 6DOH

    The game description...
    The Six Degrees of Hollywood game for iPhone is quite simply the MUST HAVE game of 2010. This fast-paced actor/movie trivia game will challenge your grasp of all things pop culture! Do you know your stuff?!

    "Quiet on the set. Roll film. Six Degrees of Hollywood, take one. And...ACTION!"

    In partnership with the creators and authors of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Thumb Arcade brings you a pop culture trivia classic with an exciting new twist! 6DOH, also known as the Six Degrees of Hollywood game, is a wildly addictive actor/movie trivia game that requires players to link actors through their shared film roles in a predetermined number of steps (or degrees).

    3-Degree Connection Example, Megan Fox -> George Clooney:

    Megan Fox was in Transformers with Shia LaBeouf (1 Degree)
    Shia LaBeouf was in Constantine with Tilda Swinton (2 Degrees)
    Tilda Swinton was in Michael Clayton with George Clooney (3 Degrees)
    With 2:00 minutes to complete each game, players score points with correct movie choices and actor connections, as well as additional bonus points for time left on the clock. The beautifully intuitive, multi-touch user interface makes 6DOH a snap to use and a blast to play.

    Its the first free game I just cant put down! Endless Games

    Play a solo game against the clock or challenge a friend to really test your movie IQ. When the results are in you can talk some smack on Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button. Do you know your stuff?

    • 100% full fat version of the game (nothing lite here!)
    • Stunning 3D and 2D graphic artwork
    • Fully themed graphics, audio and content
    • Three difficulty levels to choose from
    • Original voice-over effects
    • Listen to your own music
    • Single play mode (Solo)
    • Challenge play mode (Versus)
    • Twitter and Facebook integration
    • Makes you appear taller and better looking (or not)

    "That's a wrap!"
    03-10-2010 07:32 AM