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    ArcSoft MusicMovie is an app enabling you to show or share your photos with various preloaded templates embedded with music, and finally render your creation to a music movie. You can also record songs or voices as background audio. ArcSoft MusicMovie allows you to upload your music movies to Facebook and share with friends.
    Note: ArcSoft MusicMovie contains only 3 FREE templates that support saving and sharing. You can purchase more templates to experience photo sharing fun with music and movies!

    a. Multiple professional templates
    ****Blackboard, Color Flow, Flip, Motion, Old Film, Running, Slippage, Spin, Splash, Sunshine, Cascade, Fly, Paint, Sloped Blind, Wedding, Winnower****
    --Templates embedded with music make your movie vivid.
    --Templates cover not only ordinary slide transitions, but even classical effects or scenes you couldnt easily find from other similar apps, such as Old Film, Sunshine, and Wedding.
    --Includes up to 16 templates; theres one for everyone!

    b. Tempo-driven photo show
    Havent seen such a smart music movie before? Using our patent-pending ArcSoft Tempo-driven Photo Show technology, you can have your photo show driven by music tempo or your own recorded song/voice tempo. Your music and photos are integrated seamlessly.

    c. Supports song/voice recording
    Record your songs or voice to add your own personal touch to your music movie.

    d. Supports title and credits
    MusicMovie includes a title or credit feature to add to each movie.

    e. Easily share movies
    Save your music movies to your iPhone or share it with your friends via Facebook or Email.

    f. In-app demo
    Even if you are a movie making novice, you can easily create your own masterpiece in no time. The in-app demo provides step-by-step instructions on making the perfect music movie.
    03-10-2010 12:02 AM