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    Whenever I'm using an app, whether it is a multiplayer game app or otherwise, on most occasions, the app will ask to sign up, create an online screen name, etc., and that while some developers attempt to create a type of universal account for your apps, such as apps that use OpenFeint, everything just feels scattered. It would be great if Apple considered creating a universal system similar to the PlayStation Network or XBox Live, as in with one account and screen name, all of the games that I've played, all of the online high scores, acheivements, friends lists, etc., would all be connected under one account.

    I've tried in emailing Apple about a suggestion such as this, but don't get replies. Do you guys agree on a type of system like this?
    03-03-2010 03:44 PM
  2. MrAnonymous's Avatar
    Anyone? Any input would be okay.
    03-15-2010 11:11 PM