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    Price : $2.99
    Category: Games
    Released: Feb 18, 2010
    Version: 1.0
    6.5 MB
    Languages: English
    Seller: Bliss Software
    2010 Bliss Software, Inc
    Rated 4+

    Description :

    Puzzle games come as such a relief when the gaming world is going berserk with action and violent games. They are light, they are fun and they are an exercise to the mind instead of a bludgeon. Good news is puzzle games have now entered the iPhone arena too. Many game developers are vying for that best-selling game spot in the Apple store and forget that the games are for humans and humans adore simplicity. Give it straight is on the wish list of every gamer, trust us.
    One such puzzle game that took breaths away in the iPhoner circuit is ColorBall. With its simplicity of design, brilliance of game-plot and flexibility, ColorBall quickly became the favorite of all iPhone users. ColorBall is a fun-filled game that can be played by kids even. But do not be tricked into thinking its no challenge! In Colorball, you will be presented with a set of expressive (check out their eyes!) balls that need to be released from the box they are in. You can do this by matching the color of the balls to the mother balls that are above the panel. Although you could be tricked at times with the changing colors of the balls! Deceptively simple is one word that could be used to describe ColorBall.

    Your strength in this game would be to strategize as fast as you could to get all the balls out of the box. This is especially difficult when you set your mode to timer. Of course you could manage to get past the level but the point is you would always end up thinking you couldve done better! That is the beauty of the game. There is no peak of perfection that you could reach before being submerged altogether into your portable shakable iPhone. Yes, we say shakable because you manipulate your balls by shaking the iPhone or your iPod touch device. Gamers who are already hooked on to this game are amazed by its simplicity. Many players are all praise for the games exciting graphics and sound effects as well. A colorful touch to your iPhone that you must have!
    ColorBall is now available in the Apple store and now that you know all about it, do you need more prompting to Go Grab It? Shake ColorBall with your left and your coffee with the right and have an enjoyable gaming experience.
    02-26-2010 04:15 AM