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    After such great visibility here for the game ( Astro Mania) came out on Feb 5th. I have gotten some request to Post our original game here Mobile Break that came out on Aug 22, 2009 Mobile Break is simple yet futon an provided Mr Olsen with his strong start

    Mobile Break is a retro style arcade game for those who enjoy a simple game with simple sounds and graphics. The object of Mobile Break is to clear each level by knocking out all the bricks in each of the colored bands at the top of the screen.

    Game Play:
    Use your paddle to bounce the ball around the screen and knock out all the bricks at the top. Drag your finger below the paddle to move it, or tap past the ends of the paddle and the paddle will glide to that position. For a more modern and more challenging experience, turn on the accelerometer to control the paddle by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch. The point value of the bricks increases as you get closer to the top of the screen and as you advance levels. If your ball hits one the bricks in the top 2 rows it will move faster until the end of that level or until you drop it. The angle of the ball may change depending on how it hits the paddle.

    Read more game info or Mr Olsens blog or at Game Site
    02-25-2010 10:44 AM
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    Screen shoots

    02-25-2010 01:48 PM