1. audit's Avatar
    I'll be receiving a new 3GS tomorrow when Fedex arrives and really need a call blocking app. Since I know I won't be able to jailbreak it, is anyone working on software for the iPhone's that anyone knows of that does this? On my Blackberry I use some great software that's saved me plenty of headaches but I'm tired of my BB and want to go back to the iPhone again and force myself to get used to the keyboard, I have big thumbs so that's why I sold my last one a few months ago.

    02-25-2010 07:55 AM
  2. flyingember's Avatar
    No third party app can control the built in phone app. I'm not sure if you even can if you jailbreak

    Apple would have to add this feature to a future update
    02-25-2010 07:57 AM
  3. JohnH59's Avatar
    As far as I know, you would have to jailbreak it to get an app for call blocking feature. I have one on my jailbroken iPhone and it works great. I couldn't find anything in the App Store.
    02-25-2010 08:59 AM
  4. sirchip's Avatar
    yea gotta jb...i use iblacklist...awesome!
    02-25-2010 02:02 PM
  5. audit's Avatar
    Can't JB with the new OS that comes on it from AT&T new. So I'll have to wait until the dev-team comes out with a jailbreak. I don't want a teathered JB from Geohot.
    02-25-2010 02:20 PM
  6. krs7272#AC's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat here. Got my 3GS last week. Formally I was using Addonis on the BB. But the other posters are right nothing without jailbreak. After that I have founf 2 that seemed to be the most popular. iBlacklist and mCleaner.
    02-27-2010 06:55 PM
  7. whmurray's Avatar
    I am not JB. However, I have a long blacklist. It is a contact named "Decline." It has a silent ringtone. When a call comes in from a number in the list, The phone will vibrate, but not ring, and the caller ID will show "Decline." It is not a perfect solution but it works well enough.

    When I receive a call from an unrecognized number, I let it roll to voice mail. It there is no message, I copy the number and plug it into Google. If I still do not recognize it, I touch the little arrow to the right, go to the bottom of the Info screen, touch "Add to existing contact," and select decline.

    Most of these calls are from robo-dialers and they are a pain in the a__.
    02-28-2010 01:17 PM
  8. Watcher's Avatar
    Two words: Google Voice

    Never have to worry about wrong numbers or telemarketers again! Click SPAM and Block their ***!
    03-02-2010 10:33 PM
  9. Izzy_Jakob's Avatar
    TraCall...not an app but kept me sane ....my psycho ex was calling with blocked #s in the middle of the night and hanging up...15 per night!!!! I need my phone to be on due to my work.
    03-03-2010 02:08 AM