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    It used to be that once you zoomed in too far in Google Maps, the map would disappear and say something like "there are no photos available for this zoom level". Now, you can zoom in and there will always be a map there, which is a nice touch. Try it out for yourself, just make sure in the settings it is set on Satellite or Hyrid.
    02-25-2010 07:20 AM
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    no, not always.

    to prove it:
    Just type Montana into Google maps. it should send you to the middle of the state. pick satellite view and zoom all the way in.

    now, you could mean only in the app, so I tried that too. I actually managed to crash the maps app seeing if I could reproduce the issue in the app. the second time when I zoomed far enough in I got the "no images" view.
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    02-25-2010 07:45 AM