1. radiocity25's Avatar
    I'm looking for an app that can let me play solitaire, spit, blackjack or any card game. I see a lot of iphone apps with only specializing in one game. is there an app that has a bunch of card games in it? A nice interface is a plus!
    02-19-2010 03:06 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    I like AWSolitaire. It seems to have the largest number of different solitaire games available for the iPhone. No blackjack though - strictly solitaires. (Only one I saw that offers Canfield and not just Klondike.)
    02-19-2010 05:53 PM
  3. radiocity25's Avatar
    Thanks but I was really looking for something that had spit and solitaire. Can't believe no one created such an app...
    02-20-2010 05:28 PM
  4. lukeca's Avatar
    There is an app that is simply called "Card Deck". I've never used it, but I guess it's supposed to just be a deck cards that allows you to play any card game. There is no "AI" or computer opponents though, it's just a deck of cards.
    02-20-2010 11:21 PM