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    Have your ever dreamed of carrying your favourite videos in your pockets or thought of downloading your favourite clips from youtube or dailymotion etc..
    Then its time for you to relax. The iWatch app has arrived for the iPhone & android. One of the most needed and extremely handy application for the iphone and the android, the iwatch has already reserved a place into the tiny gadget thereby also bringing the true multimedia experience into your tiny but rather vast world in your pockets. iWatch is a handy application which could be easily used for watching and downloading videos from sites such as youtube, dailymotion etc. The app also has a very smooth and fresh user interface which is rather easy to use. The user could easily search for any video on the web through its simple search tab and also could further navigate through the details of each and every video. The software provides a hazzle free option for downloading and keeping the videos in your device so that the user could easily watch it whenever he wishes so. One of the focused potion of the software is the provision for creating playlists so that the user could easily organise his videos into various categories or groups based on his taste and mood. The user could also set the limit of **** size to be used for the downloaded videos so that there is enough room for storing other files in the device.
    The iWatch software thus provides a promising experience in entertainment thus providing the user a never before multimedia experience. The whole multimedia world is in your pockets now. Now you will never have to worry about searching for your favourite videos again and again over the web. So whether you are an iphone or an android user, iWatch is the solution which empowers you with the best multimedia experience.

    Lets Try it out...
    For more details visit: iWatch for iPhone
    02-19-2010 05:39 AM
  2. sandman369's Avatar
    Where can i find the app? Not on the App Store.
    02-19-2010 10:50 AM
  3. iphoneentertainer's Avatar
    iWatch for the iPhone will be available in App store within 10 days. Currently only the android version is available for purchase or trial at Android market in your handset or alternatively scan the code given at iWatch. Will let know when the iphone version is available on app store.
    02-21-2010 10:43 PM