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    HippoRemote Pro v2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is now available!

    HippoRemote Pro is the ultimate Wi-Fi remote control for your computer, featuring a multi-touch trackpad, an international language-capable keyboard, and customized controls for a whole slew of programs (e.g. Boxee, XBMC, Windows Media Center, iTunes, and all your favorite web browsers). This release adds unique features never before available in a remote control, including a built-in Web Browser and Twitter client.

    Because we use the VNC protocol - an open standard for remote computing - we work with the broadest range of devices. You donít even need to install extra software if youíre running Mac OS X or Linux, and there are numerous free clients for Windows.

    New features include:
    • Custom app profiles. Create your own app profiles, or download profiles created by others, including profiles for EyeTV, Spotify, SlingPlayer, and TotalMedia Theatre.
    • Web browser plugin. Now you can do Google and IMDb searches, check sports scores, update Facebook, etc. without switching apps.
    • Twitter plugin with shortened link expansion and auto-image preview. View/Post/Retweet/Reply, list support, and more.
    • Link launching. Choose to open on your computer any link from a tweet or from the Web browser for uncramped viewing. (*)
    • Global macros. From any profile, quickly bring up 5 customizable macros (e.g., "Quit Program", "Web") with a shake.
    • Boxee gesture pad. Use intuitive gestures instead of buttons to control Boxee.
    • Landscape trackpad.

    The new features are on top of these great features from before:
    • Multi-touch trackpad. The best trackpad implementation on the iPhone/iPod Touch, with Multi-Touch Gestures and Circular Scrolling for 1-thumb operation.
    • Intelligent keyboard. The best keyboard implementation available, with Keyboard History (it's like the address bar in your browser, but for anything you type).
    • App Profiles. It's like having a universal remote for all the programs on your computer.
    • Auto App Switching. Launching/Switch programs simply by switching profiles. (*)
    • Login & Password Manager. One touch sign in to your favorite websites and services.
    • User-created macros. Automate common tasks by recording your own shortcuts.
    • International keyboard support. Full Unicode support for entering text in Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, or any other iPhone supported language. (*)
    • Wake-on-LAN support, so you can turn on your computer from your couch.

    (*) Requires installation of HippoVNC, our free and open-source VNC software, on your Mac/PC.

    Videos: hipporemote.com/video
    News and updates: blog.hipporemote.com
    02-17-2010 05:09 PM