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    There is an art to the classic game of Pong. This version takes that concept to many levels: lots of original art and creative backgrounds to choose as themes; total flexibility in the parameters of the game such as ball speed, paddle size and experience level of the user; ability to use motion sensing for moving the paddles on the screen; and lots of stats for those who like to track numbers. So come play Pong with the snails as they move through a zen garden, watch the waves lap the beach, or tackle Pong in space and in the ocean.

    Game modes:
    - person vs person
    - person vs machine
    - and the very fast and entertaining machine vs machine
    Player settings: add/delete/change
    - one or two paddles per player
    - game difficulty level setting per player
    - top or bottom position
    - person or machine
    Game settings:
    - ball size and speed
    - sound effects level
    - motion effects level
    Quick play - games start right up
    Rich multi-language support
    No ads

    14 different game themes for your every mood:
    - Relax with the Zen, Beach and Water themes.
    - In an artsy mood? Try the Art Gallery, Paint and Trail themes.
    - Want some excitement? Road, Space and Water add background motion.
    - Or bring back the 70's with the Retro, original Pong theme, or the no frills, Simple theme.
    - Challenge yourself with the Reveal or Garden themes.
    - Or create a Custom theme with your own photos for the background, paddles and ball.

    Web Sites: The Art of Pong (DC Software Arts)
    Video: Art of Pong Video (DC Software Arts)
    02-17-2010 10:56 AM
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    Art of Pong - Version 1.0.2 released - iPad support

    The Art of Pong (DC Software Arts)
    04-03-2010 10:09 AM