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    Hi all
    Newbie to this forum, and my first post here, so excuse my French..

    Im looking for a nice GPS Marine Navigation app based on offline BSB raster charts to use with my iPhone 3G S.
    I know about the iNavX app, however outside the US you actually have to subscribe yearly (quite costly) to the x-Traverse BSB raster Sea Charts.
    And I already got on disc all the charts I need for sailing in my swedish coastal waters.
    Due to this INavX is not an option.

    (I use Fugawi on the laptop (same charts) and prior to the iPhone I used OziExplorer on a Win smartphone. An excellent little Aussie app!!).

    Do I have to jailbreake my iPhone? ..Cant find any nice app on the iTunes.

    Anyone got any clues here????

    Best regards and TIA, /Thomas

    iPhone 3G S 32GB
    Laptop: Dell Studio 1645, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    8 GB RAM, DDR3, max. 3 GHz
    Intel Core i7 P55 Chipset
    Nvidia Geoforce, 2 GB dedicated
    600 GB HDD, SATA 7200 rpm (+external RAID-0 disks)
    16" Full HD panel, 2xOLED BackLit
    (optimized for video editing; no gaming)
    02-15-2010 06:15 PM
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    No i have no idea about this.
    02-17-2010 09:59 PM