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    Okay fellow users,

    We have a few GrooveMaker apps that are on sale for a limited time. 6 of the 11 GrooveMaker style packs can be purchased at 20% off regular prices on iTunes, usually $9.99/Euro 7.99 each, now just $7.99/Euro 5.99 each for only a limited time.

    For those of you that don't know. GrooveMaker is a great app to create non-stop, electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks by anyone, everywhere. Everything in GrooveMaker is done in real-time, without ever having to stop the music. Its like working with a real instruments! You can add, remove, and replace single or multiple loops as you listen, so theres no stopping to your creative flow. The composition is as easy as drag and drop and puts you at the controls of the music, all in real-time.

    Reduced Price Titles include:

    GrooveMaker House

    GrooveMaker Hip-Hop

    GrooveMaker Trance

    GrooveMaker Techno

    GrooveMaker D'n'B

    GrooveMaker Electro

    Take advantage of the GrooveMaker app sale on iTunes and download these reduced-priced apps for making music now, before the sales are over.

    Click here to download your favorite genres.

    For more information on GrooveMaker go to www.groovemaker.com

    02-11-2010 02:32 PM