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    Hi guys,
    Apple has approved our app and I wanted to let you know.

    The idea is simple and not a new one.
    We are trying to make 1 million dollars by selling 1 million pixels for $1 each (yes, I know how this sounds).

    Everyone is welcome to buy pixels, which are available in blocks. Every block is 10x10 pixels (a total of 100 pixels per block). The application contains 10,000 of these blocks, which makes 1,000,000 pixels.

    You can buy as many pixels as you want as long as they are available. Once you buy a particular block of pixels you can upload a 10x10 ad/image/logo and make it link to your own web site, iphone application, or wherever you want.

    The pixels you've bought become yours forever and you can change the images, the links they point to, and the description anytime you want. We are hoping to support this app for at least 2 years with the money we make and think that in the long term the pixels will offer good value.

    You will get your very own spot in the Million Dollar App, which is going to be yours forever and can potentially be seen by millions. You will be able to upload a small 10x10 image (or more images if you have bought more blocks), a bigger 50x50 image and a short description, which the user will see after tapping on your pixels. Also, you can set a URL for the particular block and use it to show your web site or your iphone application to the user. You will be able to change the contents of your blocks anytime you want.

    The application itself is free.
    02-10-2010 03:18 PM