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    The Magic is about to begin!

    Time Management game buffs are in for a treat...Youve had fun managing different kinds of shops till now, but have you ever tried running a Mystic Emporium?

    Take over a musty old magic shop in Mystic Emporium that takes you into a whole new world all togetherone where your customers are Witches, Vampires, Wizards and Ogres!

    Mix up the right ingredients in the cauldron and brew potions with the flick of your wand. Deliver the potion in time to earn rich rewards from your customers.

    Feed the strange pocus plant its hearts desire and then sell its giant seeds along with skulls, crystal balls and several other artifacts.

    Join Lilly, a charming young witch as she fulfills her life-long dream of running a magic shop!

    Only in Mystic Emporium - Hitting the App Store this Month!

    Game play video will be out soon! Check out the 99Games website for more details on the game!
    02-08-2010 02:22 AM
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    Hey Guys, Preview Video of Mystic Emporium is out!

    02-22-2010 12:54 AM
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    Mystic Emporium has been uploaded to the App Store!!! Get ready to brew magic potions in this shop full of creatures from the enchanted world!
    02-25-2010 09:21 AM